Our diverse staff brings more than educational and practical experience to your project, they bring the culture and personality that makes them the unique creators they are and with the corporate structure of Design Coalescence their individuality is harness to create more personalized results for all of our clients.

Parath Chadha
In 1999 Parath Chadha had a vision of an intimate design firm that could provide clients with the personalized touch they deserve, offering a level of service and quality that larger agencies are either unable or unwilling to provide. Fifteen years later Design Coalescence still embodies Parath’s original concept as he has consistently created and implemented results-oriented designs serving organizations of varying sizes across the gamut of industries. While maintaining his core focus on design, accessibility, and individualized service Parath’s passionate energy is emulated by all of the staff at Design Coalescence.
Kinjal Husges
Business Development
With more than 8 years of experience in sales and marketing management, Kinjal Husges has developed a keen understanding of strategic marketing analysis and implementation. She takes on projects with ownership and approaches cross platform team environments with enthusiasm and efficiency. Her strength is in working in fast paced, cross environments that require measurable results.
Michael Kim
Director of Marketing
Our well versed Direct Marketer, Michael Kim has been has been responsible for interfacce client relations, vendor management,print & media buying. Cuong's 12 plus years of direct response experience has proved itself many times over having worked with accounts such as Motley Fool, Health Alert, and Practice Builders.
Adarsh Tated
Director of Business Information Technology
With more than 14 years of Business Information, Adarsh has been in the IT/Information Systems industry and has managed major software development projects as well as complete corporate network overhauls.